We are a 1901 non profit organization, registered at the Saint Martin Préfecture. We used to run the shelter on the French side from 2009 to 2017. It took unfortunately an end when hurricane Irma destroyed it. (All the dogs were in safe places). If this wouldn’t have happened, we would still operate.

We first considered rebuilding the shelter, but with our 14 years experience as an animal rescue organization, we have changed our ways of looking at animal rescue. We now think that it is more important to concentrate and rather spend funds on spay/neuter/chip/vacc. That’s what’s the most important on our island. SPAY/NEUTER CAMPAIGNS! Of course a shelter is necessary to welcome the unwanted ones in order to find them new homes. The land where we were located, (government land) is available, but of course only for associations who have a necessary register and licence. Until this happens, we still have our own little shelter/adoption center with 6 pens. We most of the time are holding 10 to 20 dogs for adoption. We welcome the most urgent cases, scared ones, sick ones, dogs who probably would not have survived without us picking them up.

Irma couldn’t stop our passion for these island dogs that we call tenderly Coconut Retrievers. We are of course very grateful for all the help we can get.

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