Island dogs are extraordinary creatures. They are of mixed breed, tall, small, short legged or medium size. They are intelligent, good guard dogs, loyal, have a very strong health and (unfortunately) they are good reproducers as well.

As they get pregnant very frequently, we are faced with a real problem: how to find a suitable home for all those nice creatures? Only one solution: encourage the people to sterilize their dogs – as on St. Martin there are probably as many dogs as inhabitants.

That’s why we have founded the Association I LOVE MY ISLAND DOG, to protect them and sterilize them. Our motto:



Thank you for reading this very carefully!

If you love doggies and if you want to help us, be aware that not all dogs who roam freely are abandoned. So do not just take them! Perhaps it is a dog belonging to someone who just lets the dog out when away? Perhaps it is a dog that is not neutered and answered the call of nature? A dog in search of a female (or male) can sometimes walk for miles, a long time without necessarily finding food, which often gives it an aspect of a “stray dog”. They may all return home alone (if he remembers his way back!) You do not know… What is the condition of the dog that you saw? Emaciated, frightened look, possibly without collar, fleeing altogether? In this case, yes, this may be an abandoned dog. (Often very difficult to approach…)

What is the correct approach?

  1. First, ask around you if anyone knows this dog. Have they already been seen? Does it belong
    to someone else? Since when is it in the neighborhood?
  2. Take a picture with your mobile phone to notify us of the animal. Send it to our telephon no.
    0690 503 407 or contact us. Often we recognize or are already aware of the dog that is walking
    around, because he had already been reported. Together we will agree to find a solution.
  3. If you have a big heart for animals, a little time and a car, bring it to a veterinarian to check if
    the dog has a microchip. (Invisible to the naked eye, because under the skin). Its owner can be
    found now! (Identification of a dog is requiredl)
  4. If it is a dog that suddenly just appear in front of your home or shop – good advice: give him
    fresh water, as he might be thirsty. If you do not want this puppy to squat your entry, do not
    feed it right in front of it, because it will not leave anymore if the dog is looking for a new
    master! If you think it is essential to feed him, do it at least 30 feet away from your entrance.
  5. The problem is different if you come across a dog in very poor condition, suffering or injured or
    dying outright. In this case, we will do everything to come to help, we will move as soon as
    possible to bring it to a veterinarian to end the suffering.

Thank you for your understanding and for any help you can give us as the ADOPTION CENTER has a limited number of places and we obviously can not accommodate ALL dogs of our island! Beyond our possibilities you can always contact the Municipal Pound, but we try to avoid this last solution. Be aware that we do our best to help everyone! Remember that the only way to reduce the number of births of unwanted dogs that often become later stray dogs is to sterilize them!


There are many ways you can help!

If you live on the island and currently have a pet – PLEASE SPAY / NEUTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

Please consider fostering a pup/dog for us. We can only save animals if they have a place to stay. Due to limited capacity at our headquarters, we are in desperate need of foster homes!

We accept monetary donations through our Paypal. Your donation helps with vet bills, including spay / neuter, medication, food and supplies. We greatly appreciate any size donation! You can also donate supplies by contacting us for a drop-off location. We are always in need of food, beds, crates and soft travel carriers.



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